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[13 Sep 2004|09:01am]

nobody likes cut tagsCollapse )

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haha [26 Jun 2004|08:57pm]
one more year older and one more year closer to dying.

why doesn't phil ever reply to our posts anymore? i find it a bit rude. :-/

thanks renee. i'm glad we're still together? :-[
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[09 Jun 2004|06:43pm]
there's always something wrong with me. my last few posts have either been suicidal or angry. people have disadded me including a civilian who might have been threatened by my last post, but i find it kinda funny. jonny 'radiohead' is taking me out for a drink and since the rumours about selway leaving the band, he is nowhere to be found, hmmm. he did make a one liner post that said "i hate sundays", and i don't know what he means by that. my head hurts and i'm out of cigs. i think thom fell again. i don't know where my girlfriend went and i am pretty sure i don't have one anymore. i'm going to go hide for a few days.
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[06 Jun 2004|05:22pm]
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i should just leave this journal while i'm still sane [16 May 2004|01:01am]
i don't care about life anymore. i am going to fall off a very giant ship so it will feel like a thousand knives has hit me.

jiggling jonny: Ew no.
jiggling jonny: Hahaha, I can't really breathe.

my screen keeps blinking off and on. maybe it's a sign i should get some rest. we are off for quite a bit, and it is amusing that i can't leave the house for two seconds without being called to help care of the baby. when the hell did i become a father? oh and that isnt' the only question in my mind right now. i may sound a bit disrespectful at this hour but i have my good reasons. where is my girlfriend? oh well...perhaps i'll start updating again about rubics cubes and past lovers again.
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[04 May 2004|03:06am]
Selway got rid of his icons because i told him they were too much, oops. his icons before were beaten with an ugly stick. i'm just kidding, i think. my brother is my new best friend all of a sudden. you know, i try to write down big words but they just seem to knock right out of my head. just like my bass playing. i'll probably never ever write anything more than a paragraph and 2 sentences. i really don't know care how much of a horrible writer i am, because it is not something i depend my life like some of these people. i don't get why some people try so hard to fit in, it's like grammar school all over again. i guess i'm the mean one now, since jonny really isn't that mean anymore. but now he can be mean and still look nice and all about it. i mean i can't pull off saying thom has osteoporosis and sniggers like a horse and come off as funny. oh wait a minute, maybe i just did! :)

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[01 May 2004|08:34pm]
we're at coachella and word has it fans spotted us at burger king. we might even play 'let down'.

expect a review later after we play, but don't expect anything less than colin.

i really don't know how much longer i can take this heat.

can we go home after this?

i love my brother. i love renee a little more.
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[01 May 2004|02:48am]
well it looks like my bastard brother finally grew a brain, yay.

i haven't left just yet, but boy am i glad my brother got a new personality. although i did not see it coming. i seem to have forgotten what went on around here, so if you would be ever so kind to remind me, that would be splendid.

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somebody told me to log on [29 Feb 2004|11:08pm]
I am british.

(congrats renee)
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[23 Jan 2004|01:42am]
jonny, you have no business saying that in your journal. way to be, little brother. fuck you. no actually, i take the fuck you thing back. we don't need that.

hi everyone :-*
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[10 Jan 2004|12:49pm]
well hello everyone it's been awhile but i've been busy, busy, busy. i'm not going anywhere and i don't plan on dying anytime soon.

hi renee <3 :-*
hi jonny
hi ed
hi thom
hi mel! :-*

it's the new year isn't it? it's always amazed me how people celebrate new years the way they do. i mean c'mon people it's just another year. the only reason i really celebrate it is to get drunk. renee and i have been spending some quality time together. when was the last time i signed on aim, i can't remember. this update sucks and i'm hungry so i'm going to hit update and grab something to eat. hope all is going well for everyone.

what's up?
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[24 Dec 2003|03:43pm]
hope everyone has a happy holiday!

so yeah, i've become lazy about updating. renee has been keeping me busy and i really don't mind. she's really in the spirit and it's gotten me in the spirit as well. i'll be giving her present later on tonight, and i really hope everything goes well for these 2 days. i planned something special.

my brother and the rest of my family and friends will be getting their lovely gifts tomorrow. anything planned for tomorrow? mmmmmmm, ham. i want go watch some christmas movies now. goodbye.
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[13 Dec 2003|04:35pm]
i'm in new york with my lovely renee. i'm not sure what we're really doing, but i'm sure it's all really fun and games. her and mel are planning a christmas party. who's going to be santa clause? clearly, there is some confusion, it's either ed or me, but i'm sure there can be 2 santas.

also mel when we get back, you and i have another date. :-*

thom has been cheating on me as of late. haha.

my brothers water broke last night. wow! so fast! i'll bet the baby is 70 years old by now.

and renee, :-* <3 the world is not the same without being able to spend time with you.
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[03 Dec 2003|01:17am]
crazy pregnant ladies need to stop lying and messing with our emotions.

that was a good friend and a band mate you just messed with there. don't mess with my loved ones.
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[29 Nov 2003|11:21pm]
let's have brunch away from the others, now i must ask you, do you want pancakes or waffles?
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[26 Nov 2003|06:38pm]
the people that have affected me life recently have been nothing but unbelievable. there's the lead singer of our band, who sings to me while we're on tour and when i can't sleep. the very tall man is think he is every womans dream but whips up the best alcoholic beverages known to man kind. the bald lad who stays hidden behind his drum set, he has some stories or a billion to tell. my brother who makes a really bad drunk. the dark haired lass who has a wicked sense of humour, that gives the best advice. that sunny blond girl who nothing but makes me feel the best man in the world. she's beautiful alright and right now i wouldn't trade her for the world.

i love these people. i love her.
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[25 Nov 2003|10:15pm]
[ mood | loved ]

I love renee.

that is all.
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[20 Nov 2003|10:30pm]
haven't been around much aye. still alive. will be on aim sometime next week. will be seeing renee next week in london. for thanksgiving? hee. had much fun in paris. eating french toast in paris is something you should experience. is tired of touring. wants to rest. without bad dreams. starting to sound like fitter happier. still has the sexiest trousers.
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[12 Nov 2003|05:29pm]
Does a fudge sundae need a cherry on top?
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[10 Nov 2003|05:52pm]
we just got done doing our 1st show germany and that's all i have to say about that. ed and i are about to have some drinks and talk about our women. so soon i'm already calling her mine but we get along great so why not? (yeah, so, as you can tell i had a great time with her friday) both of our girls seem to be getting close and that is grand. poor little brother has a cold and he's coughing out his insides, i would suggest he get some rest so he will feel better. maybe if he hadn't pranced around outside in only his underwear he wouldn't be so ill. and in tighty whities i might add. hahaha. ewww. i'm the best big brother in the world. someone give me a gold star.

mmhmm. i had some twinkies for breakfast. how many people have twinkies for breakfast? anyone who hates twinkies outta be woman slapped. i really mean that. twinkies are the shiz, hee. my ass is sore people need to stop whispering.

*~you guyz are totally awesome~*
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